From the Archives: Binbougami ga! Review

 binbougami-ga-cover Title  Binbougami ga!
Episodes  13
Released  July, 2012
Genre(s)  Comedy, Parody, Supernatural
Studio  Sunrise
Reviewer  Chris

NB: This is a review that has been ported over from the old blog for posterity purposes. The original publish date of this review was 5th April, 2013. The writing style and depth of detail may have changed a lot since this time, and a revisit is always possible.

Now here is an anime that went under the radar, unfortunately so, because it is actually a very enjoyable watch. The story begins with a young woman by the name of Sakura Ichiko, who just so happens to have un-natural levels of good fortune, so much so that it is upsetting the balance of fortune, and she is unintentionally sucking all the good fortune from people around her.

This brings me to the second character, the antagonist of the series, a god of misfortune called Binbada Momiji, she has been sent to earth to restore the balance of fortune, by forcibly withdrawing Sakura’s fortune. With a giant needle of all things. And so begins the fight to the death between Sakura and Binbada!

Not really, but it might as well have been, they have the typical over the top brawls that would outright kill a normal person, but hey, anime.
Surprisingly enough this action and comedy is occasionally broken up by some pretty serious stuff, mostly for plot and character development, but it is very well done, unfortunately these scenes are few and far between, it could have really used more.


Hang on, wasn’t this a comedy?
Luckily the series knows what it wants to be, it is a comedy at heart and it nails it. It introduces some extra characters pretty early on including a perverted holy man, and a masochistic dog god. The interactions between these two are great.
There are a lot of references and parodies of other anime, including some of the greats like Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and Naruto. I guarantee you the one piece one will at the very least put a giant grin on your face.


Ah, there’s the comedy.

Being only 12 episodes, this is a perfect weekend show, the dedicated can get through it in one sitting. I definitely recommend giving it a shot, it was one of the ones that surprised me, I went into it with low expectations and even the first episode had me hooked, it is actually pretty damn good.

In summary, a very impressive and well done comedy, I enjoyed it greatly.


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