From the Archives: Samurai Champloo Review

 11855 Title  Samurai Champloo
Episodes  26
Released  May, 2004
Genre(s)  Action, Adventure, Comedy, Historical
Studio  Mangalobe
Reviewer  Daniel

NB: This is a review that has been ported over from the old blog for posterity purposes. The original publish date of this review was 3rd April, 2013. The writing style and depth of detail may have changed a lot since this time, and a revisit is always possible.

Samurai Champloo is a fantastic blend of pop culture and the Edo period. The characters dynamics are very finely balanced and the writers did an excellent job at developing the relationships between them. The two leads are a unique take on a classic tale of the cold and calculating mixing with the hot headed and rash.

Samurai Champloo’s storyline is paced maturely and there’s only one or two fillers, but they liven it up so effectively that you tend to not mind. I found a really nice meld of humour and drama that’s topped off with a garnish of hip-hop/pop. There are lots of comparisons online between this and Cowboy Bebop for a reason.

I highly recommend this to everyone, especially those who want to see the second best English voice acting I’ve ever seen in an anime.



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