From the Archives: Suisei no Gargantia Review (First 10)

 133981 Title  Suisei no Gargantia
Episodes  13
Released  March, 2013
Genre(s)  Action, Adventure, Mecha, Sci-Fi
Studio  Production I.G.
Reviewer  Daniel

NB: This is a review that has been ported over from the old blog for posterity purposes. The original publish date of this review was 14th June, 2013. The writing style and depth of detail may have changed a lot since this time, and a revisit is always possible.

NB2: This is a review based on the first 10 episodes of this series, and only the first 10 episodes.

Suisei no Gargantia is promising. Possibly the most promising anime I’ve seen in a while. The beginning of the storyline drops you right in the heat of a conflict between humanity and an alien race. At a glance it’s interesting but you know it’s been done countless times before in SciFi. What sets this apart is that the plot segways back to primitive earth. The idea of a super power in primitive times is similiar to Hellsing where the lead character has unlimited destructive power and it’s only artificial constraints holding him back.


While the series is still relatively fresh, the quality is amazing. High definition artwork, in a scifi setting can be mindblowing and that’s exactly what Suisei no Gargantia is going for. While the depicted architecture is impractical and cumbersome, the artists really capture that sense of a long lost human race that has branched off. In some ways it’s a vanilla “outsider adapts to new community” show but there’s the real potential for an amazing plotline and character development.


One of the unique twists I found in this series was the dialogue. As our lead is from a very different branch of humanity, you would expect him not to speak the same language as the remaining humans. And he doesn’t. The subbers over at Commie Subs do a fantastic job of keeping it feeling the same way it sounds. The basis is that when a person from a different viewpoint to the person your watching speaks, it is portrayed to the viewer as gibberish. This leads to some awesome miscommunications and some amazing thought provoking situations you can really relate to. My favourite being where the lead character kidnaps a girl for negotiation and his translator lets him know the girl has mentioned the sanctity of excrement and commented on his mothers sexual preferences.


In summary, this show is leading us down one of two paths. I feel it will either be the best next gen anime or a huge disappointment. Either way I’m looking forward to where it takes us in the immediate future.